Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics        

What is a "Code of Ethics"?

A Code of Ethics is designed to set out clear expectations in order that the organization observes and fosters high ethical standards.

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Who establishes the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics has been developed by the Directors. As circumstances change within the Coop it will be necessary to expand or update the Code of Ethics to ensure that the Code remains relevant.

Adherence to the Code of Ethics?

The mere existence of a Code of Ethics will not create ethical and responsible practices, it is merely a guide of expected behaviours and sets standards against which behaviours can be judged. A Code of Ethics is ineffective unless directors and employees adhere to it. The Directors will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Code of Ethics and for monitoring compliance with the Code. A Code of Ethics will not be effective unless there are consequences for employees who breach the Code.

Complaint Procedures

The Directors encourage any employee who considers that there has been a breach of this Code of Ethics to make a complaint in the first instance to the Directors for investigation. The Directors will determine appropriate actions having taken into account the relevant information.

Complainants using this procedure expressly authorize The Directors to disclose such personal information as is necessary to respond to the complaint. Such information will be held safe by the Directors and will not be disclosed to persons other than the parties to the complaint.

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