Strategy and Vision

Vision statement

Help low income workers achieve their financial commitments.


Mission statement

To help low income people meet their financial commitments 


Commitment to each individual.

Show the steps to financial freedom.

Allow the individual the opportunity to obtain ownership of their goods.


Business goals & objectives

1.         Identify people that are having trouble meeting their financial commitments.

2.         Allowing that person to make a commitment to regular paid work.

3.         Showing that person how to adopt a regular savings plan by putting a small amount aside each day.



1.         In order to qualify for assistance the individual must prove that they are having difficulty making their financial commitments and show proof of the loan, their identity etc., and to sign a contract for their services.


Growth strategy

It is intended to work initially in the Kematu and T’Boli areas and to extend the services to other Barangays as the services become established and show that the scheme works.